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Who is Kevin Homer?

Kevin Homer was born and raised in south Florida. After studying at the University of Alabama and graduating the University of Florida with communication and education degrees, he found solace in the financial insurance business.  During his 22-year career working with Levi & Associates, a high-volume group insurance benefits agency, he was approached by a longtime friend and developer Jeff Graef, who suggested purchasing rental properties in the Delray Beach area. 


Kevin took his friend’s advice, found his passion and never looked back.  One home turned into two which turned into three and so on.  Kevin has close ties with each of the affordable housing offices, from the front desk personnel to the directors.  He strives to be the very best landlord for each of his tenants and their families.  Kevin still has his very first tenant in the original purchased property from in the early 2000’s.  Kevin only provides housing in units he would live in himself and believes in the philosophy his insurance mentor Barry Levi taught him, “If you’re not happy, then I’m not happy.”

Great Places

Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Rivera Beach, Seattle

Kevin Homer Properties


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Daniel and Donell

Directors of Property Maintenance


I have worked with Kevin for more than 10 years. While I enjoy working with
Kevin, I enjoy watching Kevin interact with his tenants and their children.

He makes the residents feel special and does all he can to never have

to say “no.” It just comes natural to him.

- Nicholas (Manager)

I made a decision to move back to Florida from Atlanta, Ga in 2018, which is when I met Kevin. All I can say is that he’s an awesome landlord and a wonderful person. I have no reason to leave. Having a place to call home is very important after making that big move from Atlanta, and that’s four years and counting. Kevin is the best with endless compassion and understanding. Thanks so much Kev!

- Marqueya (Tenant)

Kevin is the best landlord! He has been very understanding and transparent. He takes pride in providing a safe and aesthetically appealing home, inside and out. I recommend him as a landlord to anyone out there.

- Brandi (Tenant)

Kevin practices the golden rule and treats people, ALL PEOPLE with kindness and respect.  It is inevitable that things happen, be it a broken appliance, a clogged toilet and everything else imaginable.  I don't look forward to those late night emergency calls but I will tell you this, I would do anything for Kevin Homer, as I know he'd do the same for me, my family or his tenants.

- Dexter (Property Manager)

I am a tenant of Kevin Homer.  He's one of the most honest upfront landlords I've ever had the opportunity to work with.  Usually, if you're  lucky, you don't have to think about your landlord very often.  They are a faceless entity you give your money to in return for shelter, but with Kevin Homer, I feel like I have a relationship with him.  He is extremely attentive to maintenance needs.  He cares about his tenants and wants people to be happy in their homes.  He has been absolutely fantastic to rent from.  A gem of a landlord and a person!!!  I can't say enough good things about him!  Anyone who rents from him will very quickly realize that they hit the jackpot.

- Jay (Tenant)

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